Thank you for purchasing a SouthernWood Paddle.

I hope you enjoy it for years to come.

Recommended care and maintenance:

  • If you choose to hang your paddle as a decorative piece, care and maintenance is easy. Simply take it down from time to time and dust it off.

Should you choose to use your paddle (and I hope you do), be mindful that like any other wooden product certain care should be taken to protect it from the worst that Mother Nature can offer.

  • Never store your paddle in direct sunlight (i.e. in front of a window or in the back seat of your car). UV rays are tough on just about everything and wood is no exception.

  • Always store your paddle in a dry place. If possible, avoid temperature and humidly extremes for extended periods of time. Please use common sense when storing your paddle. If you leave your paddle floating in a few inches of water at a bottom of your canoe or kayak, it will only lead to disappointment.

It’s not uncommon for the wood grain on your paddle to raise a little bit after use. This is particularly true in the beginning. Routine maintenance will minimize the frequency of this. Following the steps below will help ensure your paddle is ready to hit the water whenever you are!

SouthernWood paddles are protected with 100% nature hemp oil.  From time to time reapplication is necessary.  The frequency of reapplication depends on use.  In general, I recommend wiping your paddle down with a light coat of hemp oil anytime the finish looks a little dry or the paddle starts to feel a little rougher than you’d like it to.  For best results, wipe or brush on a good coat of oil and lightly work the oil into the paddle with a very fine sandpaper (400 grit is good, 1000 grit is better).  Afterwards, wipe off any excess oil.  The paddle should look a little oily with no runs or streaks.  Its best to reapply oil when you can let you paddle sit for at least 5-7 days before reuse.

Remember, a paddle is a tool and like any tool proper care will lead to years of enjoyed use. 

I use and highly recommend hemp oil form The Real Milk Paint Co. You can now find this product on our website!!



Please Note:  While you can certainly use another oil product, such as tung or boiled linseed, I prefer hemp oil for its ease of use.  Please be aware that products labeled “Tung Oil Finish” are not 100% tung oil.  They are a combination of oil, resin, and thinner.  While there is nothing wrong with them, just be aware they are not 100% tung oil and the resulting finish will be different from your paddle’s original.